About EverWatch

Founded in 2015, we are a certified Nagios reseller and consulting partner. Our staff has presented at every Nagios World Conference since 2012, and we also received an award for work we did with the Nagios Log Server. Nagios has handed out 28 MVP Awards over the years to "recognize outstanding achievers within the worldwide Nagios Community." EverWatch consultants have received nine of these awards. That's almost one-third of all awards given; more than any other company in the world. In addition, all of our consultants are Certified Nagios Professionals and/or Certified Nagios Administrators. We've been working with Nagios since 2004, which is two years after its initial release. In short, we are award winning partners of Nagios Enterprises and 100% of our revenue comes from Nagios-related sales or consulting.

Located near Rochester, New York, EverWatch is: