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EverWatch is the Best

Four reasons why EverWatch is the Best

EverWatch™ brings almost two decades of Nagios experience to our customers.
But don't just take our word for it that we're the best, look at the facts:

Nagios Partner

A Nagios Premiere Partner since 2012, with direct access to developers, support, and Nagios management.

MVP Awards

EverWatch™ staff hold more than 20% of all Nagios MVP Awards; more than any other company in the world.

Recognized Experts

More than 20 presentations at every Nagios World Conference.

More Awards

EverWatch™ won the top two places in the Nagios Log Server dashboard contest.

Nagios Software

Some of the Nagios Ecosystem

Nagios XI

Monitor your entire IT infrastructure quickly with the most trusted and powerful monitoring solution.

Nagios Log Server

Quickly and easily view, sort, anaylze, and alert on logs from any source on any given network.

Nagios Network Analyzer

See where your bandwidth is dipping or spiking with our commercial grade network flow data analysis solution.

Nagios Fusion

Using Nagios Fusion you gain a centralized visual operational status and enables faster problem resolution over your entire network.

Award Winning Nagios Consulting

Reduce downtime, Mean Time To Repair, and costs with the most trusted and affordable monitoring solution in the world, Nagios. Our award winning Nagios Consulting team can help you with everything from purchase, installation, configuration, and ongoing management.